Brennand's Endowed Primary School

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31st August 15


As Headteacher of Brennand's Endowed Primary School, I would like to reassure people that no cats, feral or domestic, have been trapped at school.  We have a serious and ongoing issue with feral cats defecating on the school grounds which poses potentially serious risks to our children's health.  Given this, I am duty bound to look at ways to resolve the issue but no decisions have been taken so far.

As an interim measure I have been personally clearing the grounds of the cats' faeces which enabled us to hold a successful sports day earlier this month.  Work will continue over the summer on finding an acceptable and effective long-term solution to this issue.

Charlotte Peregrine July 2015.




Welcome to Brennand's Endowed Primary School

Our school is situated in an idyllic rural environment within the village of Slaidburn. It serves the villages of Slaidburn, Newton, Tosside and the surrounding countryside of the Forest of Bowland.

We provide high quality education for all, in a warm family atmosphere. Our small classes and stimulating setting ensure that each child gets the best start possible.

We encourage a sense of personal pride in both the children's work and in their surroundings. We aim to create a happy, caring and stimulating environment where every child enjoys learning and is encouraged to grow and achieve their full potential.